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Learn. Lead. Live.

Just a gal who leased a few acres in the middle of a busy town. Finding peace in the open air, promise in the land and deep connection with the animals I have gathered here. The property is situated in beautiful South Surrey, B.C. It was a bit run down when I found it, but there is a magic here that has drawn some wonderful people to the project. Margaret, owner of Dreamcrest Stables, has moved in to run our equestrian center. Mel, my friend and partner in crime, is managing our farm & garden programs. Together with friends and family, we are learning what the land and the animals can teach us. We are leading the property to it's fullest potential and leading the community in agricultural education. Most importantly, we are living a grateful and full-filling lifestyle; growing food to eat, finding our connection to the land, building relationships animals and each other. We hope to use what we have been given to create something special for everyone. We welcome you to explore our site to find what may interest you in this special place.

Carla Stewart,

Owner Ten Willows Agri-Equine Center